FAQ & Facts




How can I help?

You can help by donating money or take an initiative.

Why would I help?

STNF buys tracts of rainforest and preserves them from deforestation. This is only possible through donations. Each gift will be directed fully and exclusively to the protection of tracts we already own and the purchase of additional rainforest.

Why is the rainforest important?

The rainforest produces clean air and is home to many unique flora and fauna. It is also a great untapped source of herbal medicine. These medicines could be vital in saving your life some day.


Destruction of the Rainforest


How much forest does the world have?

About 4 billion hectares are covered with forest, which is some 30 % of the earth’s land mass

How quickly is deforestation progressing?

Every year, some 13 million hectares of forest disappears. This works out to 36 football fields each minute. Some 17 % of the Amazon region has been cut and lost.

Why is deforestation a problem?

Nearly 20% of the CO2 in our atmosphere is from the results of deforestation and forest fires.


The miracle of the rainforest



Ecuador alone boasts more than 1,500 bird species and 15 different monkey species. It has more than 4,000 kinds of orchids and one hectare of rainforest is home to more kinds of trees than can be found in all of North America.

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