What STNF does

STNF saves the rainforest the most efficient way. The foundation buys tracts of rainforest and preserves these untouched. This way, the Foundation avoids the felling of trees, pollution and the displacement and killing of animals.

Buying rainforest

We are currently quite active in the purchasing tracts of rainforest in Ecuador. These are extremely lengthy and complex processes. Think of the following steps:

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Doing it from the inside

The foundation’s members have personal connections to the local community and have built trusting relationships with several people.

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Overseeing projects and expenses

We know the local situation and have years of experience dealing with these types of local problems in a pragmatic way.

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Local interests

With everything we do, we take the local situation into account. In the past, we have seen too many projects fail because, even with initiators’ good intentions, the interests of native groups were not part of the equation.

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