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Secret dumping places for polluted soil

Around the area where the foundation is active, there are numerous oil pumps active. And with every oil pump they spray toxic chemicals into the ground. And on top of these toxics, oil spills occur every day. Sometimes, it even takes a few weeks before they come to fix it.

And real cleaning is never done. A great part leaked into the ground. In former days the oil companies used to just cover the spill with dirt and that was it. These days they have to dig out the upper layer of ground up and remove the polluted earth. This sounds great right? But nobody asks where they take it afterwards, and the truth is, almost nobody knows.

What you see in this film is one of the very secret dump places of this highly polluted earth.

What they do is this: They just take a piece of rainforest and in the middle they cut a part. Here they just dump the highly polluted earth, which they so called cleaned another place, sometimes very close to this dumpsite. So now the poison leaks very concentrated into the grounds and pollutes the water.Oil polution 1

After dumping all it, they leave this place and nature takes over till the access road is fully overgrown and not to be found again. The place in this film has been there for years now. In the beginning the smell of crude oil and damps was horrible. At the time of this film it had been there for some years and as you can see, on the piles of polluted earth still nothing will grow.

These dumping places are right in the middle of areas where also people live, people who are totally unaware of all this. These people are drinking this water, kids are swimming in paradise like waterfalls with this contaminated water and the animals are eating the highly contaminated green and drink the poisonous water.

The people notice there are more illnesses and they see that their animals have more stillborn young animals and other symptoms, but they have no idea why this happens.

The meat of these cows for example goes to the bigger villages or even cities, where other people eat it, complete ignorant of what they take in.

This is why the taxi driver, Johnny talks about in the film, is so startled, only starting to comprehend what it means what he had just discovered.

And even if people know about it, what can they do, most of them have no means or ways to go somewhere else…

Raising your voice against mighty oil companies is highly dangerous. Maybe people have already died because they got in their way somehow.

And lawsuits are barely ever won, and if they are, they will just never pay.

Extra info: In another area in Ecuador, a little more to the north, near Lago Agrio, there is a huge trial going on since 1993 (already 25 years now) against Chevron (former Texaco) about an immense oil spill which poisoned a huge area and still sickens people. Judges already ruled that Chevron has to pay 19 billion USD, even though the estimated damage is over 27 billion USD, but they keep fighting the ruling and do not want to pay. So it still cannot be cleaned until this day.