Raising awareness about the importance of rainforests and tribal communities




Our main goal with education is to raise awareness about the importance of the rainforests, especially those in the region we are active in, because these forests are millions of years old. This is one of the reasons why it is such a complex ecosystem. Rainforests are extremely crucial for life on earth and critical in the fight against climate change. No matter how far away they are, they directly influence global ecosystems. For example, rainforests soak up incredible amounts of CO2 emissions and transform this into oxygen. Another topic that is getting more attention every year is clean water and droughts. In both these challenges rainforests play a main role. They regulate both local as well global weather through their absorption and creation of rainfall and their exchange of atmospheric gases. Cutting the rainforests changes the reflectivity of the earth's surface, which affects global weather by altering wind and ocean current patterns, and changes rainfall distribution. Therefore the preservation of rainforests, especially regions that are native is a life-and-death situation for many species, including humans.

Tribal communities

We also aim to raise awareness on the importance of indigenous tribes that have lived in mostly under researched, but environmentally critical places on earth. The eastern part of Ecuador, in which we are active, houses some of the last uncontacted tribes as well as isolated and traditionally living tribal communities on earth. These communities want the world to know that they want to continue living their life with nature like they have done for centuries. They have no desire to be modernized, at all. We should respect their wishes and leave them in peace. However, some isolated tribes are still open for collaboration with people and organisations that respect nature and their way of living. This could be key for scientic breakthroughs, because these traditionally living communities hold ancient knowledge of one of the most under researched places on earth. Respecting and researching their way of life could lead to breakthroughs in medicine, conservation and even technological innovations. With their knowledge, experience and beliefs they are the best caretakers of these precious areas.

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