To give the rainforest an economic and scientific value that is greater than its destruction



Discovering new species

The Amazon rainforest is one of the most under researched places on earth. There still remain areas of the forest where no human has ever set foot before. The lands where humans have been, however, are being destroyed for agricultural land, oil exploration, logging operations, poaching you name it. All these threats are causing large areas of forest to dissapear on a scale never seen before. This is very worrisome and a scientific gold mine is being destroyed right along with it. The rainforest still houses a great number of undiscovered species in terms of plants, insects, animals (even mammals) that could shine a new light on life as we know it. Sadly with the rate of destruction and corruption in tropical regions we might never know what we have lost. This has to stop and get way more international attention.

Forest medicine

Did you know that around 25% of all medicine in the world today is based on ingredients found in the rainforest? This is a staggering amount and then to realize that there is so much of rainforest that is yet undiscovered. This incredible place on earth could hold to key to curing diseases that have cost us millions of lifes and trillions for the economy. Discovering the next wonder medicine could lie in ancient knowledge from tribal communities. They have been able to thrive in remote isolated parts of the world better than most human populations. No doubt this is partly due to their knowledge of the environment and ecosystem they live in. For example certain combinations of ingredients, that is not yet know to us, that has helped them conquer diseases that we in the modern world are still having no clue how to deal with. Recently, the topic of indigenous communities holding answers to many diseases has been making headlines thanks to research on their gut microbiome. It showed tribal communities had a significantly larger bacterial diversity in their gut empowering their immune system and protecting them from a large range of diseases. It is time for us to listen and respect their knowledge, because we have learned that they are willing to share it just to help us see the importance of mother nature.

Technological innovation

The value the rainforest and tribal communities offer in terms of technological innovation is extremely overlooked and deserves our attention if we want to tackle the many challenge today's world faces. Many products that dominate the world today are inspired by characteristics found in the forests. This ranges from planes to solar panels to bullet-proof vests. Especially sectors like renewable energy, construction, space, health care and biotech would greatly benefit from researching certain aspects of rainforest ecosystems. All this together would already add more economic value than the oil exploration and logging in these regions combined, especially considering the many alternatives that are available for it today.


Research station

Our dream is to in time have enough funds to become self-sufficient and build a small research station where we can collaborate with universities from all over the world and show them the incredible value the rainforest and indigenous tribes offer in terms of medicine, new species, technological innovation and no doubt much more. Together we can create an economic value for the rainforest that is greater than its destruction and force government to take responsibility in the conservation of these crucial lands.

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