The Huaorani Indigenous

For over 20 years now, we have a very strong relationship with the Huaorani indigenous people in the East side of the Territory. These are the more isolated communities of Huaoranis who still like to live as their ancestors did, with nothing but what nature provides them with.

They know this rainforest so well, they know every sound, every plant and animal and they know how everything is connected and cannot live without the other. Therefore they know best how to coexistent with nature and not to destroy their forest in any way, otherwise they directly destroy their own habitat.

They are the best keepers and protectors the rainforest has.


Fundacion Conservemos Nuestros Bosques Nativos

The Foundation Conservemos Nuestros Bosques Nativos (CNBN) is based in Ecuador, South America.

CNBN does all the hard work on the ground and are therefore the real heroes. They have several tasks, ranging from legal paperwork for plot acquisition to communicating directly with the Huaorani tribes and providing STNF with crucial information to ensure the protection of the areas we manage.

Thanks to our effort of working with dedicated locals we are able to do things way more effectively and efficiently compared to other organisations focused on conservation

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