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The Save the Native Forest Foundation (STNF) is based in the Netherlands. To do the actual work of protecting the rainforest in the Amazon in Ecuador, with local knowledge and local help, STNF initiated the founding of another foundation in Ecuador, called Conservemos Nuestros Bosques Nativos (CNBN). STNF aims to raise funds and collaborate strongly with the indigenous communities in Ecuador through CNBN and together find the best solutions to preserve as much highly biodiverse native forest as possible.


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Our STNF Partners

Jordy Muus

"I have a great passion for wildlife and believe there is nothing more magical and fascinating than the millions of different forms of life sharing their home on planet earth. Ecosystems are crucial to survival, but human presence negatively impacts them significantly. With my work at STNF I hope to help humanity take a different route and give those who are not being heard a voice."

Alejandra Barreto Cortés

"Coming from Colombia, I feel a deep connection with indigenous ‘communities and nature and I believe that the work the foundation does is key to preserving them. I love applying my knowledge and skills to help a cause that I deeply believe in, and that's why I’m so happy to be part of STNF."

Dorien Dijkstra

"Entering the Ecuadorian Amazon, I always feel so intensely happy. All this oxygen and energy makes you feel good right away and also the richness of life all around you is overwhelming. Since my first trip in 1997 I have met many friends there and also my husband, who have all taught me lots about the rainforest."

Our Ambassador

Frederique van der Wal

Our ambassador is Frederique van der Wal. She is a supermodel, entrepreneur, producer, and host. She has appeared on the covers and inside the pages of beauty and fashion magazines worldwide, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan as well as big campaigns ranging from Victoria’s Secret to Revlon. She has also been profiled in magazines like Forbes and Instyle. She has taken her global success in fashion and beauty and translated it into an entrepreneurial career that spans the international world of print, film, television, and the flower company Frederique’s Choice.

She is very active in the social field with a particular focus on nature conservation. She is essential for our foundation, and we are delighted to have her; thank you, Frederique!



Our CNBN Partners in Ecuador

Stalin Armijos

Stalin is the founder of STNF and CNBN and is the current president of Fundación CNBN. He has strong connections with both the Netherlands and Ecuador. Stalin has experience like no other in creative problem-solving and has built a local network that many can only dream of. Stalin's invaluable support enabled the acquisition of 450 million square meters of land.

Juan Medina

Juan Medina has been part of the CNBN board for over a decade. Having fulfilled many different functions within CNBN. He mainly works as a travel guide with extensive ecological knowledge of the rainforest and its species. His connections with the local people, knowledge, and wisdom help us acquire highly biodiverse and at-risk plots of the rainforest.

Mario Giovanni Romo

Mario Giovanni Romo is our associate investigator. He contributes to scientific discoveries by researching the ground of STNF/CNBN for its biodiversity richness. He has already published several papers on new species found in the region. He also has close connections with universities in Ecuador.

Moni Herminia Arcos

Moni Heriminia Arcos is the social media expert of CNBN in Ecuador. She helps to publish content for the Spanish audience. Her work helps us to show the impact and importance of CNBN and the protection of the grounds of STNF/CNBN in Ecuador.

Javier Armijos

Javier knows the local Huaorani tribes extremely well. Apart from being a travel guide he also married the daughter of a Huaorani chieftain. Javier frequently travels to the region to monitor the grounds of STNF/CNBN. He also helps to move researchers/investigators to the grounds if needed. For example, during the Shiripuno oil spill.

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