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Our mission is to

Preserve the Native Forest For Generations to Come

To directly protect the Ecuadorian Amazon, the foundation purchases areas of the native forest. In principle, the critical regions bordering on one side to the Huaorani territory have been chosen. This way, they can help us protect the forest, and we can help protect theirs. Another reason for this strategic position is that it helps protect the surrounding areas from polluting companies. The purchase process is thought through very well. This way, we have been able to save a large area of the crucial forest without having to purchase all of it. Efficient and effective!

In total, we’ve purchased 450 hectares of native forest. But in reality, with our unique approach, we have managed to save much more thanks to the strategic position of our areas. Now it is a matter of achieving the Bosque Protector Status, which we are very close to achieving. The only thing that is left is enough funds to go through the legal process. For this, we ask your help.

Apart from purchasing highly biodiverse native forests, we also have other conservation strategies.

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Help us Achieve the Bosque Protector Status

With the Bosque Protector status, the 4,5 million square meters of the native forest we are trying to protect will be recognized by the government for its high level of biodiversity. This way, we can guarantee that it will be preserved and kept out of the hands of those that want to do it harm.

$47,500 raised
of $30,000 goal

"I told myself if there is anything I can do, I will."

My dream and deepest wish were to go to the Amazon and be able to meet an indigenous tribe. That dream became a reality and changed me profoundly. I went to Ecuador into the heart of the Amazon and was so moved by the magic of the incredible biodiverse and mighty forest. I was in awe of the Huaorani people and their way of living.

"We can make a difference."

"Entering the Ecuadorian Amazon, I always feel so intensely happy. All this oxygen and energy makes you feel good right away and also the richness of life all around you is overwhelming. Since my first trip in 1997 I have met many friends there and also my husband, who have all taught me lots about the rainforest."

"The Huaorani indigenous are one with nature."

“I was born and grew up in a small, poor village, on the south coast of Ecuador, in a family of eight children. I was 14 when I first traveled to Coca, looking for opportunities for a better life. It was here that I first came into contact with the Huaorani indigenous, and they took me in as their own."

The key to Conservation

Empowering Local & Indigenous People

We recognize that indigenous communities are the key to conservation efforts. They have lived and thrived in the native forests, their home, for thousands of years. This is why we do not do anything without first consulting local tribes. One of the beautiful aspects of being a small organization is that you get to know everyone you work with on a deep and personal level. Over the years we have built a very strong relationship with many tribes in the region that we operate in, where we have even come to see each other as a family. We would want you to be a part of that family. With your support we can help them, so they can help us. Because in the end, efficient conservation and regeneration efforts are the keys to tackling some of our largest existential threats, like climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

As a small organization that has been running on limited funds for over a decade we have learned how to use our resources most efficiently -, and effectively. Throughout the years most of the resources have come from our own personal involvement because we are very passionate about what we do and live for helping the local people, animals, and forests we have come to care about so deeply. However to scale up our impact and face the ever-growing oil exploration, illegal logging, and poaching threats the region is facing we will need your support.

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Strength is in Numbers

Together, We Can Do More

We have already managed to obtain 4,5 million square meters, but this is only the beginning. Together with your support, we can help to give indigenous communities and nature back their ancestral homes, the native forest. In the end, it is they who know how to take the best care of it.

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