The Save the Native Forest Foundation works to give indigenous communities back their ancestral home and help them to protect it.


Our mission is to conserve native forests and empower local communities.
Our four pillars


Indigenous communities - the key to conservation

We recognize that indigenous communities are the key to conservation efforts. They have lived and thrived in the native forests, their home, for thousands of years. This is why we do not do anything without first consulting local tribes. One of the beautiful aspects of being a small organisation is that you get to know everyone you work with on a deep and personal level. Over the years we have built a very strong relationship with many tribes in the region that we operate in, where we have even come to see eachother as a family. We would want you to be a part of that family. With your support we can help them, so they can help us. Because in the end, efficient conservation and regeneration efforts are the key to tackling some of our largest existential threats, like climate change and the biodiversity crisis.

100% of proceeds go to protecting the rainforests

As a small organisation that has been running on limited funds for over a decade we have learned how to use our resources most efficient-, and effectively. Throughout the years most of the resources have come from our own personal involvement, because we are very passionate about what we do and live for helping the local people, animals and forests we have come to care about so deeply. However to scale-up our impact and face the ever growing oil exploration, illegal logging and poaching threats the region is facing we will need your support.


4,500,000 square meters of highly biodiverse rainforest protected

We go where no other NGO has gone before, extremely deep into the forest to a region where the level of biodiversity is one of the highest on the planet and indigenous life is still completely traditional, but exploitation and destruction are closing in. That is why we continue and want to scale-up our efforts to protect more forest.  

Tribes under Imminent Threat In Amazonian Oil Disaster

On November 27th, a leak was discovered in an oil pipe in the Shiripuno river, causing a large oil spill into the heart of the Yasuni National Park. 

Huaorani Women Speak Up Against Oil Destruction

Brave Huaorani women speak up against the exploration and destruction of big oil corporations after shiripuno oil disaster


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