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Preserve The Lungs of Our Earth, Read How.

The ancestral Huaorani lands have been threatened by destructive industries, mainly oil exploration, illegal logging, and unsustainable farming practices. These industries have significantly reduced the number of thriving forests, which is extremely problematic because this place is one of the most environmentally important areas in the world; they are the lungs of our planet. The regions houses millions of animals that require rather large habitats. For example, a jaguar requires around 3.000 ha of forest. As a foundation, it is our mission to fight against the exploitation of this pristine region and give it back to nature.

Therefore together with the indigenous communities, we fight to recover these lands. The traditionally living Huaorani are the best caretakers of the forest and deserve to live in peace; protecting them and these crucial lands from industrial invaders and educating small local farmers on sustainable agriculture and land optimization is of utmost urgency.

Ending biodiversity loss

Our Actions and Goals

So noone can touch it.

Purchasing Highly Biodiverse Native Forest

We realize that the most important thing of all is to protect the Amazon. Eliminating the threats that the Amazon faces on a daily basis is a number one priority. We try to achieve this in different ways. One of them is purchasing strategically located areas, which also protects all the rainforest behind it.

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To use less land, with higher output

Farming With Nature, Educating Locals

We are building the bridge between modern agricultural knowledge and where it has the most impact. Therefore we have worked hard to build a trustworthy reputation with hundreds of local farmers and aim to establish local farming coöperations.

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Because knowledge is key to conservation

Raising Awareness About Indigenous Life

We travel throughout the country to give presentations, do workshops and organize activities for everyone that wants to listen, have fun, and is interested. On our journey, people's voices are the key to success. By advocating for and teaching people about the importance of Indigenous communities and knowledge, we hope to strengthen the movement towards preserving the native forest and indigenous communities.

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Explore the unexplored

Research Initiatives on The Native Forest

Our dream is to in time have enough funds to become self-sufficient and build a small research station where we can collaborate with universities from all over the world and show them the incredible value the rainforest and indigenous tribes offer in terms of medicine, new species, technological innovation, and no doubt much more. Together we can create an economic value for the rainforest that is greater than its destruction and force government to take responsibility for the conservation of these crucial lands.

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