Our Powerful Collaboration with Ekō and Their 21 Million Supporters

Jordy Muus

March 23, 2023

Recently we collaborated with Ekō to launch a campaign that has allowed us to raise awareness and funds to protect the pristine and magical Ecuadorian Native Forest and its Huaorani communities.

Working together with Ekō and their force of 21 million activists from all over the world, we will be able to strengthen and expand our critical buffer zones that shield indigenous communities from the ever-expanding oil and deforestation industries.

We cannot overstate the importance of these buffer zones in safeguarding the Ecuadorian Native Forest and the livelihoods of the Huaorani people who rely on it. Without them, the forest would be under constant threat from corporations seeking to exploit its resources. But with the support of Ekō and our dedicated teams in the Netherlands and Ecuador, we are working effortlessly to create a world where the rights of nature and Indigenous communities are respected and protected and their habitats are kept out of the hands of those whose only aim is to exploit and destroy it.

We are proud to have to power of Ekō’s global and united movement of consumers, investors, and workers who are challenging corporate power and holding companies accountable for their actions on our side in this David vs Goliath fight. And we are grateful for the invaluable resources and networks that Ekō brings to the table, enabling us to mobilize support on a massive scale and accelerate our impact.

Together with Ekō, we are committed to creating a better world for the Amazon and its Indigenous peoples. We are fighting against the odds to bring big industries to a halt and prevent them from expanding deeper into the Native Forest. Nevertheless, we are making enormous progress and we know that with partners like Ekō and many more in the future, we can succeed because together we are an unstoppable force!

Therefore, we want to express our sincere gratitude to Ekō and their millions of supporters for their unwavering commitment to protecting the Ecuadorian Native Forest and its Huaorani Indigenous communities. We are proud to stand together with them in this fight for a better world, and we know that our collective efforts will make a difference for generations to come.